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My Classes

Sunny Time Yoga offers a range of classes for children aged between 2-13.

All parents can book or enquire here.

Super Hero Kids

  6 - 13 year old yoga class

Sunny time yoga offer classes for the 6 - 13 year old. During these classes we do lots of work about their feelings, how to react when things in life creep upon them and how to control all emotions. We want the children to understand that it is ok to feel however they are feeling. 
We explore a range of yoga poses during yoga journey time, we add obstacles, story time, dance time, creative art time and lots of group work.

Kids with Capes

Custom Classes

Sunny time yoga offers the flexibility to create custom classes if you have a group of 6+ kids. These classes may be offered as a one-off workshop or slightly longer.


3 - 5 year old yoga class

Our 3 - 5 year old classes run for 40 minutes - parents must participate during the class. We have a new yoga theme each week. Our aim to help children interact with each other we do this by including lots of group work.

Girls Doing Push-Ups