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Children Meditating

Meditation Zoom  Classes

Sunny Time yoga is so excited to offer Meditation Zoom Classes every Wednesday night.

 Our Meditation Zoom classes are all about reconnecting your child's mind to their breathing. We will explore different breathing techniques, yoga stretches and end the class with a calming guided meditation. 

This is the perfect time to calm and wind down your

child's mind from racing.

All the techniques the children are taught they will be able to implement them into their daily lives.

The only thing your child requires during this class is a quiet room 

and a warm blanket to cover themselves with during meditation.

They are welcome to bring along a teddy / toy that they feel safe to cuddle with during meditation.

 Meditation has so many benefits if practised regularly. It will

reduce anxiety issues, improve sleep, help with regulating emotions,  become better focused and the list goes on and on.