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Children in Yoga Class

Sunny Time Yoga

Yoga for little minds!

Sunny Time Yoga is a tailored children's program designed to be part of the curriculum of child care centres and primary schools.

In addition to offering our classes for different age groups. We are located at

Studio 3 Australia 19 Everage Street, Moonee Ponds, Vic

Community Centre - Cooper Street Essendon


My Classes

3 - 5 year old Class

Duration: 45 Min

Our 3 - 5 year old classes run for 45 minutes. We have a new yoga theme each week to keep children interested and engaged with the class. We explore all different yoga poses through games and lots of interactive activities.

 At the end of each class we finish with 'Quiet Time' time, during this  time we explore different breathing techniques and meditation.

We want the children to leave the class feeling calm and grounded!

6 -  13 year old Class

Thursday's - 4:30pm - 5:30pm 

Saturday's - 11am-12pm

Duration: 60 Min

Our 6 - 13 Year old sessions run for 60 min. During our yoga classes we explore activities all about connecting our minds, body and breath. The children will have a deeper understanding about how to control their emotions.
We explore a range of yoga poses during yoga journey time, we add obstacles, story time, dance time, creative art time and lots of group work.

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Primary School & Childcare Incursions

Sunny Time Yoga works with all educational facilities. Starting from 2 years old we offer incursions to childcare centres & primary schools. We run themed yoga workshops that are full of interactive activities. 

Kids Blowing Bubbles

Curated Workshops

Sunny Time Yoga offers a full day of creating all activities related to yoga at any  centre. We have all the props, music and class plans ready to go when you book us into your centre.
All managers / owners from school holiday programs can enquire here.

School Kids Meditating

Kids Birthday Party’s

Sunny Time Yoga has so much fun at a birthday party’s. We play all different yoga games, we make a creative piece of art work with the children ( this is the choice of the birthday child) and includes lots of prizes for everyone. Of course the birthday child receives a gift from us.

We have all the props, music, mats the only thing we ask for is a big undercover space .
All parents can enquire here!


About Me

I, Rina Founder and Creator of Sunny Time Yoga teaches children the benefits of yoga and meditation. I am passionate about helping children to live in a peaceful and calming world.

 As a parent of four children, I have seen the benefits of yoga in them. I believe if you are aware of how your body and mind is feeling and you feed it correctly you can achieve all you want in life. 
To be given this opportunity to help children all about connecting to themselves and to each other is a blessing for me.

I started my yoga journey with Rainbow Kids, this course has provided me with all the material to be a successful kids yoga teacher. It has given me the support to learn all the skills required to teach children. I look forward to help and provide the best knowledge I have to support each child to the best of my ability.

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